First choose the logo package and proceed to the payment form:

1. Order Logo Package #1 for only $19 - one version of the logo and no revisions. This is the cheapest and yet the most recommended option because it matches our logo philosophy and the essence of this site in full!

2. Order Logo Package #2 for only $29 - same as Logo Package 1 but with one revision allowed.
3. Order Logo Package #3 for only $49 - three versions of the logo and one revision allowed. Each of our three logo designers will submit one version of the same logo, then you will be able to ask for an additional revision of the winning variant.
Payments are processed in a highly secure manner through a reputable US-based payment processing company. Both credit card and Paypal payments are supported. We don't have access to our customers' credit card information.

After the payment has been processed, please download the questionnaire from one of the two links below (rightclick and "save target as" to download form to your hard disk first), fill it out and send it to our email address below. Choose one of the following:

1. Questionnaire in MS Write format (also compatible with MS Word, Open Office Write etc.) - attach it to your email and send to

2. Questionnaire in raw txt format - attach it to your email or simply copy/paste it into your message and email it to

3. Fill it out online - the best option for mobile users.

And that'd be all! As soon as the payment and project info are in place we will get on it ASAP!

• All your personal info is 100% safe with us. When placing an order please consider submitting 2 or more email addresses in order to prevent our emails ending up in spam folders or simply getting lost

• We always reply in a timely manner. If, for whatever reason, we are not able to complete your order in 7 business days, we will let you know and immediately issue a refund. If you don't hear from us at all in up to 7 working days, the chances are that there's a problem with your email.

• If you don't provide project info in up to 72 hours after the payment your payment will be fully refunded shortly afterwards. If you are not in position to send us project questionnaire in a timely manner but you do plan to do so, please let us know.

• If you have a specific idea about your logo project we may choose not to use it. If you want your logo designed exactly by your instructions please consult with us before placing an order.

• Additional revision round costs $10. Before the payment please make sure with us that your revision request is realizable. Click here to place $10 payment.
Last but not least: Even though the guaranteed delivery time is 7 business days, in most cases we will deliver the logo the same or the next day.